7 Key Tactics for Communicating Total Rewards 

7 Key Tactics for Communicating Total Rewards 

Although not all employees learn or communicate in the same ways, there are some proven methods you can use to increase visibility for your total rewards information. Making total rewards information more accessible to employees can improve morale, drive retention, and achieve numerous other outcomes that support a healthy company culture.

Consider these tips you can incorporate into your communications boost the understanding of your offerings and the value of the total rewards:

  • Use Headlines
    People are five times more likely to read headlines than any other text. If you have an important total rewards message that could increase perceived value, spell it out prominently as a headline, e.g. 401k Plan Helps Reduce Your Taxes
  • Include Photo Captions
    If you have any photos or images that you can incorporate into your total rewards communications, consider also using photo captions to accompany them. People are two times as likely to read photo captions as other text. Think about marketing material for mutual funds with happy couples on the beach, which make us wish we were there or how USA Today presents information.
  • Use “Quick Hits”
    Brief messages with simple phrasing can effectively communicate important messages. Be sure to avoid any technical jargon and use short, punchy language to get your message across.
  • Break Up The Text
    Most information related to benefits is dry enough to begin with. Don’t deter your target audience with large blocks of text. Instead, make it more inviting with headlines, subheads, bullet points, bold text, menus, and so forth.
  • Use Illustrations and Graphics
    Infographics – graphics with corresponding facts, statistics, and other text – are becoming increasingly popular among today’s professionals. They’re simple yet eye-catching, and they can help you get across important messages related to total rewards.
  • Tell a Story
    If you do have to include a significant amount of text, consider including a story. If possible, include a fictitious character and use him or her as a total rewards model to show examples of which options employees can choose to get the greatest value for them.
  • Make a Promise
    To really get the attention of your audience, consider making a promise to them. For instance, you might begin total rewards communication by saying something along the lines of: “Through the improved incentive plan, your income could increase by 10%. Find out how.” You’ll grab your employees’ attention and encourage them to read further to find out more.

By incorporating these simple techniques into your total rewards communications, you can create compelling and engaging text that your employees will want to read. Use punchy language, eye-catching headlines, and the other tactics described above to deliver your most important rewards-related messages, and your employees will walk away with a better understanding of the full value of employment in your organization.

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