5 Tips For Promoting Your Total Rewards Strategy 

5 Tips For Promoting Your Total Rewards Strategy 

After you’ve put hard work into your Total Rewards (TR) Communication strategy, it’s time to do some promoting. Think about it: you’ve just put time and effort into making sure that associates will be able to access and understand their employee benefits statements and other TR-related information; now, it’s time to make sure that you’re spreading the word that this information is readily available to everyone.

Creating excitement and electricity is important in advance of the roll out and should continue on a regular basis.  This is a critical part of the TR Communication project.

Rita Perkins, Principal with On Message Consulting in Milford, Ohio, specializes in employee communications. The following tips were put together by Rita to point out some of the considerations relating to the communication of Total Rewards:

  • Know Your Audience
    Will you be presenting the information to all employees, or just a few? What is your “average” employee like, and can you send the same message to everyone? Do you want to reach all employees the same way?
  • Plan Your Message
    Remember, employees will want to know: What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)? Make the message simple and clear, and describe exactly where they can find the tool and how to use it.
  • Build Interest
    Beginning with business leaders and management, start to introduce the TR Communication. Demonstrate the tool’s power by using supporting key messages. Ask for their help in promoting and reinforcing the tool.
  • Generate Buzz
    Create a campaign by developing a theme and sticking with it. Keep the “WIIFM” message in mind, and use posters, electronic messages, and emails to spread the word. To make it easy and convenient for employees to access the tool, provide a link to it directly in an email. Provide a tutorial, and get the message out on all of your company’s social media mediums. You an even include kiosks in high-traffic areas to increase interest and understanding.
  • Sustain The Momentum
    Remind employees to review their benefits on the site, and keep information fresh. Provide new messages, and look for logical reasons to get people to visit the site, such as annual enrollment, retirement planning, and 401(k) fund performance.


Keep in mind that while these tips are helpful for promoting your TR strategy, you should first make sure that your strategy is advantageous for both your organization and its associates. To factor your company goals into your TR strategy efficiently, you can utilize the powerful tools provided by total reward statement software. This will also make your communication much more effective and less time-intensive for busy managers.

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