5 Questions to Ask Your Talent Management Software Vendor

5 Questions to Ask Your Talent Management Software Vendor

The business landscape is changing in monumental ways: with a greater influx of Millennials into the workforce, the largest number of freelance and contractor employees than ever before, and a rising demand to address employee engagement issues, there begs a need for talent management software that truly delivers. While there are countless options available, the question organizational leaders are often faced with is: which option is best for me?

As Bersin by Deloitte puts it, “This is an exciting time to be in HR – you have so many new approaches, systems, and models to think of. But from your standpoint, the decision about ‘what to buy’ is actually harder than ever.’”

Finding the perfect fit may require a bit of planning, but it doesn’t have to be wrought with insurmountable challenges. In fact, going in prepared can help you confirm that you’re choosing the vendor to best meet your needs. While you’ll undoubtedly assess your own challenges to ensure the companies you’re considering will provide the best solution, here are a few general questions recommended by LinkedIn Pulse author Beth Armknecht Miller, which you may want to ask when looking through talent management solutions:

  1. What makes your product unique?
  2. What will your product do to improve the processes in our organization?
  3. How, specifically, will you help us become more successful?
  4. Who should be part of our implementation project team?
  5. Will our organization’s IT team be able to handle the system (if needed)?


Of course, even if the vendors you’re considering have good answers to all of the questions listed above, you mustn’t overlook the fact that your company’s unique priorities are paramount in this decision. In addition to coming up with your own checklist for must-have items and capabilities (you can find a few suggestions here), you should also have clearly identified any specific challenges your company is facing, as well as any corporate goals that could benefit from support in the form of technology.

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