4 Reasons Your Rockstars Leave

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4 Reasons Your Rockstars Leave

If you understand the world of employee talent then you understand that you need “Rockstars”. The best possible thing you can do for your company is build great teams that are staffed by these individuals. This is the foundation of your future growth.

However the last thing you want is the best of the best to walk out of your office never to return. We see now more than ever remarkable individuals leaving their post at a rapid rate. You can see these characteristic in just about every fast growing company around the nation. Now that you have scraped and clawed to get these individuals it is vital that you keep them from leaving.

The next logical question would be how do I keep my Rockstars?

A better question is why do they leave? This is why:

1. You Waited Too Long

You need to compensate them for their contribution proactively at all times. The Rockstars of the world can pretty much move at will and continue to make more money. It’s safe to say that Thom York wouldn’t have to look hard to find another band; this concept is the same with your great employees.

If you are slow to react then an offer will be made and you will most likely have a huge hole to fill in your talent ranks. Be the first to pay for their performance or someone surely will.

2. You Were Trying to Be Cheap

You can tell them they are a Rockstar all day every day, but still pay them like they are a local act. Don’t lose your best people trying to adhere to some corporate plan. There should always be an exception for the standout performers. You need to always be paying market value or above. An easy way to show them respect is by offering more compensation based on their stellar performance.

3. You Sensed Them Growing Distant and You Ignored It

Isn’t it weird that they have an appointment at 3:30 in the afternoon? Did you see how quickly they walked away when you joined them outside while they were on the phone? Oh and let’s not forget the disgruntle subliminal messaging on Twitter. Chances are they have decided to seek out other opportunities.

They are already on the way out but you can at least make a last ditch effort to keep them. If you can get them to tell you why they aren’t happy in the workplace then you can offer solutions in hopes of retaining them. Sometimes an open ear is all it takes to make things right but sometimes it’s just too far gone. Don’t let your Rockstar leave the band.

4. You Didn’t Take A Genuine Interest In Their Development

You like to grow and so do they. Growth requires lifelong education and opportunity for new experiences. If they are not using their full potential then they are perishing inside every time they enter your office. You need to ask them what gets them going. You need to engage them and figure out how your environment can help fuel their professional desires. A lot of the time you can throw a lot of money in their face and still have them walk out on you. Stay Interviews have helped us successfully retain majority of HRsofts staff based on effective engagement principals. Think of this in relations to artist creativity. No true artist wants to stick to the same sound forever, all artist seek to stretch their abilities.

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