3 Ways to Easily Identify High Performers

high performers

3 Ways to Easily Identify High Performers

You need to hire great people. This is a big factor that is constantly over looked. There are plenty of innovative and out the box philosophies that can detract us from this core fundamental. The tools are new and exciting but at the end of the day if you have to keep retraining new people on those tools then they have already lost their benefit.

Lets put it this way. We have all been in that uncomfortable position where we put someone on our team who just didn’t quite meet our expectations. Sadly that usually results in team frustration, lack of cohesion and worst of all Employee Turnover.

The great thing is there is a handful of indicators that will help you pick the right person the first time. Then over time you will have a team of high performers that help launch your organization into the stratosphere.

Here are 3 key indicators that help you land your high performer, in no order:
Brain Over Experience

People that are intelligent can adapt and excel at something they have never done before. People that rely on their experience only want to do what they have done because that’s usually their only skill. In a forever changing landscape we have to adapt and overcome, your staff should mirror that.

Great Work Ethic

You need a team of hard workers. Beyond that you need individuals that know how to contribute as much as possible. Can they lead? Are they a self-starter? Do they find work instead of needing to be told? Do they have pride in their own individual efforts?

Ability to Work in a Team:

Intelligent people that can’t work in a team environment are no good for you or the organization. Company is just a big fancy word for team. When everyone is willing to pull each other up and share information the company rises.

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