3 Things HR Software Can Do (That Your Managers Can’t)

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3 Things HR Software Can Do (That Your Managers Can’t)

HR software solutions have come a significantly long way in recent years. While no one would say that talent management software could (or should) replace your company’s best asset – its people – there are some challenges that it can tackle that are beyond human capabilities. And, using HR management software to tackle these challenges is exactly what can impact your bottom line results and give you an edge over the competition. Let’s take a look:

  1. Recruit The BEST Possible Talent For Each Position
    A recent article from The Atlantic reveals that in a study, when HR managers used their gut instincts to make hiring decisions instead of utilizing data retrieved from their systems, the data was still more likely to lead them in the right direction for choosing the right talent. If you want to reduce turnover costs, hire top talent to fill each position, and boost retention, only HR software solutions – such as those with recruiting tools – can get you the best results.
  2. Optimize Employee Engagement
    There’s a reason “employee engagement” is on the tip of nearly every business leader’s tongue today: this factor impacts countless business outcomes. Plus, TalentCulture calls engaged employees “passionate contributors” and “innovative problem solvers.” While a strong manager who coaches his or her employees can certainly boost engagement, without goal setting and tracking software, the communication loop becomes extremely difficult to maintain. Many performance management software solutions feature automated workflows to help busy managers achieve alignment and ongoing communication to create a frequent, real-time feedback loop that will keep employees engaged.
  3. Create A Flawless Compensation Plan
    According to entrepreneurship.org, a well-structured compensation plan is an excellent tool that can be used to drive your company’s goals and objectives. Yet, there are innumerable factors that go into designing an effective compensation plan, many of which are extremely variable and change often. So, while it will still take skills and talent for your HR team to create a compensation plan that’s attractive yet equitable for your company, the planning tools provided by compensation planning software exceed the capabilities of what any managers alone could do. These tools also help you retrieve and effectively use market data to make compensation decisions so that your company and its employees both benefit from the plan as much as possible.


There are many software options available which feature the tools listed above and more. When seeking HR software solutions to make your company’s workflow easier and more effective, make sure that the solution you choose fits with your existing processes and is designed with simplicity in mind.


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