3 Effective Tips to Boost Your Total Rewards Communication Strategy 

3 Effective Tips to Boost Your Total Rewards Communication Strategy 

Total rewards statements are important. They help your teams achieve a fuller perspective of the value of employment. Of course, the benefits your organization provide are only working to employees’ advantage (and yours) if everyone has visibility into total rewards information.

To help you get messages across to your organization relating to employee benefits, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Create a “Just In Time” Calendar
    There are going to be certain times of year when your employees are going to want to access total rewards information more so than others. Consider how it might be useful to send out blasts with pertinent information just in time for tax season. Or, remind your employees about vacation days or out of country medical coverage, as certain times of year approach, including the summer and holiday seasons.
  • Build Bridges Among HR Teams
    Your total rewards strategy should encompass multiple HR department functions, so it’s beneficial to encourage teams to work together to establish a comprehensive and effective total rewards program. Increase communication and awareness throughout HR to get all parties on board.  Consider this: Is your HR Intranet or portal structured in silos like your HR department (benefits, learning, compensation, etc.) rather than holistically using a total rewards approach?
  • Get Buy-In from Key Stakeholders
    To get your total rewards communication strategy rolling, you’ll need support from your organization’s key stakeholders. To establish buy-in, consider describing the ways in which you can marry enterprise goals with rewards strategies. For instance, if you can link business plans and metrics with bonus initiatives, you may find that leaders will be more responsive to the plan.

These three tactics are some practical ways that you can connect the dots across teams in your organization to craft a well-rounded total rewards communication strategy that achieves key outcomes, including higher engagement levels, reduced turnover, and better morale.

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