HRsoft’s performance management software enables employers to increase engagement and retention of top performers with an all-in-one solution that helps set employee goals, measure performance, and conduct performance.



In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to motivate and retain your talented, high performing employees.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to strengthen the relationship between pay and performance.

PERFORMview is an online performance management software that helps automate this process.  Everything you need for effective performance management in one system, PERFORMview can help simplify, streamline and systemize your talent management process.

Performance - Even Custom Processes Are Easy

Some of the key benefits of PERFORMview include:

  • Logical Workflow – easy to integrate with your existing performance management process as PERFORMview follows a logical workflow that is easy to understand and use resulting in a high degree of employee and manager acceptance.
  • Fast & Easy Functionality – few clicks to access more functions, and eliminate those inefficient, time-consuming and resource intensive paper processes
  • Effective Evaluation – improve the effectiveness of your employee evaluations by measuring performance against organizational and employee goals.
  • Pay For Performance – retain and reward your top performers by compensating them based on their performance
  • Improved Decision Making – PERFORMview gives all managers real time visibility into the performance of their employees and teams to help improve decision making and management.
  • Better Alignment – communicating clear goals that are in line with the organizational goals will help employees focus on the most important business priorities.

360 Feedback Report

Product Features

  • Goal Setting – Easily set and communicate goals with employees throughout your organization.
  • Goal Review & Approval – managers can control the goal submission and acceptance rules for all employees
  • 360 Feedback – performance data that provides a true 360 multi-rater feedback structure
  • Core Competencies – includes a built-in library of core behavioral and technical competencies and career management functionality
  • Development Plan – ability to outline the development action plans for each employee based upon their performance review findings
  • Real Time Reporting – get real time access to all employee performance data at the click of a button.
  • HRIS Integration – PERFORMview integrates with all major HRIS systems and works directly with HRsoft’s COMPview for compensation management.

Organizational Goal Alignment

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Our software suite is designed to perform as a stand-alone solution or as a seamless
integration with your existing HRIS systems, allowing you to leverage your existing
investments & create more efficient workflow processes